Montréal Tech: Virtual Job Fair

May 4 - 19

+100 jobs in tech and video games

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Are you seeking to relocate to a city where you can find a stimulating career as well as an unmatched quality of life? Look no further! Top Canadian companies are actively recruiting talent.

Talent Montréal is organizing an online career fair for international workers in the Tech looking to expand their personal and professional horizons to the Greater Montréal Area (Québec, Canada).

Some job openings include: developers, programmers, IT specialists, analysts, database specialists, software designers and many more!

Montréal is a city that inspires out-of-the-box thinking and genuine joie de vivre, a place where creativity meets productivity and where work meets play. A safe, affordable, multilingual, diversified, vibrant and laid-back city, we’ve got it all!

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Here’s how it works:

1) Registration (from April 1 to May 3)

Create your online profile and apply for our Job Offers.

IMPORTANT: please upload your CV in French or in English. This step is important if you want to increase your chances to be selected.

2) Selection (from April 22 to May 19)

Only those candidates selected for an interview will receive an invitation to schedule a virtual meeting with recruiters.

3) Interviews (from May 4 to May 19)

This is when the selected candidates and recruiters meet via videoconference at the scheduled time.

IMPORTANT: please note that job interviews will be held in French or in English. An intermediate level is required.

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Registration is over !


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