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Why organize a virtual career fair with Seekube?

0 Geographical constraints

Do you have several campuses? Are your students doing an internship or an exchange during your career fair? With Seekube, gather all your students as part of a virtual fair so that they can establish connections with participating companies.

Multiply recruitment opportunities throughout the year

Not all your students are doing their internships at the same time? Offer a virtual career fair in addition to your physical career fair. This will allow all of your students to find amazing internships and jobs.

Attract new companies

Some companies usually do not want to move? Virtual career fairs are cheaper, do not require logistical support and save time. The flexibility and simplicity of virtual career fairs, attract new companies to your events.

Leverage Seekube's network of partner companies

You intend to attract more companies to your events ? Leverage Seekube's network of 350 clients. For every school career fair, we communicate your event to our business collaborators. And if they participate, you get all their contacts !

Personalized support

There's no time to train all your stakeholders? No worries, we've got you covered. We provide all the communication elements for your students and graduates and personalized support for each participating company at your event.

They trust us

Want to offer more recruitment opportunities for your students?

Seekube Partnerships

Join the "Seekube Partnerships" program to let your students and graduates gain exclusive access to our virtual career fairs and increase the visibility of your school.